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THE BARN is over one hundred years old. It has seen over 36,000 sunsets. Inside, it is a cathedral of wood. After living with and caring for the Barn for over four years I feel responsible not only for its upkeep, but for communicating it’s character and presence.

Explore THE BARN by clicking on the brief Vimeo show below. Turn on your sound. You can also watch it full screen by clicking on the small star shaped icon in the lower right corner of the screen next to the Vimeo name.



  1. David – another amazing production! Your presentation shows this is much more than just a barn. Fantastic! I’m betting you miss it.

  2. Dave just love the video you certainly change ones outlook on things when they are presented.
    I am even more interested in your place now and can only say I will respect all of it in a very special way.

    Thank you so much for what you did those pictures,& video are just out standing. Great Job!!

  3. What an absolutely breathtaking tribute to the workhorse of farms of yesteryear. I will never look at barns in quite the same way again.

  4. Wow, I just saw the barn video…how can you even THINK about leaving that place? Couldn’t you rent it out and then maybe retire there? Or maybe where you’re going is as breathtaking? You are also an excellent video maker! Please help me feel better about myself by listing all the things you can’t do. (Thanks a lot for pointing the video out to me. It really blew me away.) – Anthony D

  5. LES – Like I said, I feel a responsibility to keep one of the last of the great barns standing. But, I do understand why some people let them go. Every time we get one of our fifty mile an hour windstorms and the slate roof tiles fly like lethal frisbees and, every big rain when I look at the bulging stone wall in the lower barn, I worry for it, and for my pocket book. But so far, I have been able to keep The Barn standing strong.

  6. David,
    I remember well the old barn on the park property where you lived back in the 70’s. What a great old barn that was, with it’s tin roof that would play a song for you in the rain. The years of manure and exposed wood left an aroma I wish we could bottle. As I drive around and see what little is left of the old barns and see those that are half caved-in never to be repaired I realize we experienced something the new guys on the block never will. Poured concrete and aluminum with gravel around it is not the same.
    I wonder why people who own them let them collapse and die.

  7. Thanks very much for your comments about “The Barn.” This was actually only my second video. There is more to come.

  8. Everything about this little movie is beautiful — from the photography and editing to the very concept, and especially the obvious love and care for an old and well crafted building. I feel quite privileged to have seen this. Thank you.

  9. I have really enjoyed your postings lately. The barn video is fantastic. Hope all is well.

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