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My brother, two Italian aunts and I went to Italy. There we found the house and farm where my father was born, as well as that of our Grandmother, Grandfather and Great-Grandparents. This trip evoked a story, The Key to my Grandfather’s House, which was perhaps the deepest, most significant inner journey of my life.

This very personal, yet universal story of immigrant roots, is now being translated into Italian by the Italian magazine Mmasciata. Here is the introductory page …



This first installment, is an overview and introduction written by Irene Napoli, an Italian relative who found the story on my CowGarage.com website. The the internet and social media never ceases to amaze me with the connections that they enable.

The Napoli-Imbrogno farm in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy

ere is a link to a PDF of the entire December edition Mmasciata. You will find “The Key to my Grandfather’s House” story on page 7 of the PDF. Italian speakers should be able to zoom in and read the Italian.

Click here for the PDF
Mmasciata, Dec 2011



If you are able to translate anything in the article into English, please pass it on to me and I will send it along to others.

The rest of the story will be published, chapter by chapter, in upcoming editions of  Mmaasciata. If you would like to read it now, in English, you can find it here. As usual, your candid comments are very welcome.


Finally, after the translation is complete, I plan to publish The Key to my Grandfather’s House, as a small book with both the English and Italian text. I am also working on a follow up story. Subscribe here for monthly CowGarage.com updates for more.





  1. Hi David,
    We are related on the Napoli side. My Grandmother, Louise Napoli-Silla is the daughter to Salvadore and Theresa Napoli. I understand that makes him my great-grandfather and your uncle. I was in the Cleveland area 5 years ago and met some of the Imbrogno family. It was wonderful for my mom (Myrna Fiorucci-Pratte) to reconnect with her first cousins whom she had not seen in many many years. Our cousin Cheryl Napoli-Koncler came to visit me in California yesterday and shared your story. I would love to order a copy of your book learn more about our wonderful family. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards, Renee Hoover

  2. December 21, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your very inspirational journey. I have a love for genealogy which I often cannot explain in word, it is more about feelings. I’m so glad I took a few extra moments this morning to read your story. It helps me to understand my own feelings about generations past. How fortunate you are to have gone back to where your roots began. I enjoyed your story very much!

  3. David, this is excellent and is a beautiful tale, thanks for sharing!!

  4. I think this is a very special time for you. I am so proud of you and your work!

  5. Wonderful job David! How lucky we are as a family to carry such a rich family history in our souls. I hope someday to see and feel what you did while walking those hills.

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