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With yet another birthday past, is it finally time to give up on trying to be handsome and go for something new … like being colorful ?



  1. As I remember it, Gayle & I agreed (in the Columbus era) that your identity shifts began in your pre-teen years when you adopted the Robbie Douglas look (of My Three Sons fame). Then during senior year of so, you assumed the questionably smooth appeal of Geraldo Rivera as you aspired to copy his suave, mustachioed, ladies-man personality (further supported by your snug, form fitting polyester suits). With the passage of time, against any conscious effort on your part, you metamorphasized into Robin William’s twin. I guess it was only a matter of time until you identified yourself as an ever-changing multi-colored Easter Bunny. By any chance, has it been suggested that you seek counseling for this last and most bizarre identity shift? Or maybe considered joining one of the nationally available Easter Bunny Anonymous groups? And, although out of sequence in this history of your evolution, need I point out the Flash Dance/Michael Jackson dancing attempts that time at “The Cellar” in Forest Park, where you were found madly spinning about, jumping several feet off the ground, your arms akimbo, eventually landing on the floor in a full-form “splits” position? Perhaps your aim was to copy Jim Morrison on acid, given the decade when such things were in vogue. I was both mortified and amused. Your kind Sis -Pamela

  2. I sort of like the flashing beard idea. Can you do it in real life? That I want to see.

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