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Every now and then I get tired of “realistic” photographs and I start playing with hand-coloring photographs, photographic constructions and other manipulations. As spring progresses, I suppose that I will be attracted back to flowers, trees, birds and their kin but, for a few weeks at least, all rules are off.

You can explore some of these visions in two different ways.



First, here is a short musical, video dissolve of the images. I suggest viewing the show in full screen by clicking the star-shaped icon in the lower right of the screen. Please, leave your candid reaction in the “comments” below 

You can also explore the photographs in more detail along with a written explanation of each by browsing through the gallery below. Once more, I suggest viewing it full screen by clicking the expand arrows <-> in the bottom right of the frame.  To return to regular view hit the expand arrows again or, hit escape. Hover over the photo to see the text.


[cincopa AUAAHk6luxC7]


Words and photographs © 2012 David Imbrogno and You are welcome to share for non-commercial purposes only, if you credit David Imbrogno and .

8 X 8 SIGNED PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE. Email me for more information at .


  1. Time to print these up and share with a gallery exhibition….stunning work…bravo!

  2. Great album, David, many thanks for sharing!

  3. Yep, the photos are mine. I use “polar coordinates” in Photoshop. Basically you grab each end of the horizon and loop or twist the together. It takes a while to get the hang of what type of photo work best. Then all that is left is to clean up any unwanted artifacts of the process and add a few post tweaks. It isn’t difficult. I would be happy to walk you through it if you wish.

  4. These are your photos? How were they done?

  5. That is different. I am going to have dreams of weird themed planets circling round the cosmos.

  6. Take a look, the Cows are there.

  7. Really neat, Dave!! I really like this concept! Next, maybe a circle of cows or dogs!

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