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The year 2011 broke the all time record for snowfall in one season here on the North Coast of the United States (NW Ohio along Lake Erie). Over 110 inches fell. Below are some photographic highlights.

You might also check out the post “In the Spring We Eat Cucumbers,” which explores the pros and cons of snow and how that just might give a glimpse into the secret of life.

Now, enjoy the photo gallery of the Big Snow of 2011-12 below. You will find some tips on how to best to use the gallery (like viewing it full screen) just below the gallery window.[cincopa AADAehKiE8Hm]

You can best enjoy the above gallery by

  • Just letting the show run, or
  • Clicking the left or right arrow < | > to step through at your own pace, or
  • You can also browse the photos on a Cooliris wall gallery by clicking “View With Cooliris” in the upper left.  While in Cooliris try viewing the photo wall full screen by clicking on the expand arrows <–> in the lower left.


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